Genesis Biotechnology Group L.L.C.

HUMIGEN™ is a basic research organization whose mission is to understand the relationship between human health, the genetics of the immune system, and disease pathogenesis and outcome. VENENUM Biodesign™ was established with the mission of improving patients’ lives through the discovery of therapeutic compounds against our novel biological platforms. Medical Diagnostic Laboratories, L.L.C.® (MDL), founded in 1998, is a CLIA certified laboratory with multiple state licenses which serves primarily as a reference laboratory to physicians, laboratories, and hospitals worldwide. Bioplast Manufacturing, L.L.C.® is an industry leader in the manufacture of plastic components used primarily for the medical research, clinical diagnostic and biotech environments. WORLDWIDE MEDICAL PRODUCTS, INC.™ (WWMP) a technologically advanced, quality-driven provider of essential laboratory wares and services to the scientific community, is dedicated to exceeding the wants and needs of our clients. Invivotek® was established to advance our innovative therapeutic research programs using diverse in vivo technologies for the benefit of human and animal health. VetNostic Laboratories® (VNL) offers state-of-the-art genetic testing services for dog breeders / owners. Using DNA analysis VNL is able to accurately and specifically determine whether or not a dog carries disease-causing genes. Providing reliable identification of these ‘carriers’ ensures healthy litters and a successful breeding program. Oncoveda® was established as a multi-discipline cancer research center to facilitate a long-term cancer research and development program at GBG that concentrates on early detection, monitoring, and treatment of urogenital cancers. FEMERIS® Women’s Health Research Center is a multi-discipline research center within GBG that is dedicated to the discovery and development of diagnostic biomarkers, therapeutic targets, and engineered probiotics in the detection and treatment of obstetric and gynecologic infectious diseases and chronic medical conditions. Metabolic Disorders Institute is a drug discovery company focused on advancing drug discovery programs at our novel targets to Pre-Clinical Drug Candidates, and seeking partners for clinical development.

The Genesis Biotechnology Group is a consortium of vertically integrated corporate entities, which facilitate the overall market implementation and delivery of basic science products such as diagnostic assays and drug discovery. Through the consolidation of research activities in the fields of biotechnology, molecular biology, genome research, biochemistry, nano and biophysics, bioinformatics and computer science, we are able to cultivate research partnerships between highly productive research teams that break through the barriers of traditional disciplinary boundaries.

Our mission is to improve the patient’s quality of life through the cross-linking of basic science research and implementation in the clinical laboratory.

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